We created this site to allow consumers to have one place to view every organization’s policy for COVID-19. Understandably organizations in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries are constantly evolving their policies to ensure their consumers don’t get impacted. However, there are some bad apples that aren’t taking the best practices in giving a fair refund/credit policy and instead are focusing on saving their revenue. We want them to understand what their peers are providing, and to do the right thing.

Like Wikipedia, feel free to view, add policies, update new information and share to other consumers that are affected and should know their rights. This site is governed by the people of the Internet, and as such, let’s try to provide accurate and timely information.

How we rank

You might see a corresponding Red, Yellow, Green color coding beside a corporation's policy. This is automatically generated based on the policy tags.

[Green] If a company has a policy that doesn’t constrain the user in any way, such as giving a full refund, no fees in cancelling, or restrictions.

[Yellow] A company has a policy where there is dependency on dates, geography or other factors that are articulated in their Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, the company is issuing a credit that has an expiration.

[Red] When a company has no policy, or it’s cumbersome to issue a credit/refund. An example of this is if they might want you to cue in line for hours on the phone or in person.

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